Raster to Vector Conversion

Do need to convert your pixel images into line drawings?  In a raster to vector conversion service, what you need is a raster to vector converter. A raster to vector converter is a complete application with easy to understand interface and real-time previews allowing users to see how a custom setting will affect your creative project.


Converting your files into fully scalable and high quality vectors are necessary for vehicle wraps, banners, t--shirts, screen printing, business cards, cut vinyl , signage, architectural lettering, CAD/routers, and other type of artworks. With the advancement of technology npwdays, there is no reason for you to create a poor quality logo and jaggies pixelation. 



What is the basic process of raster to vector conversion?


Trace the raster images into fully scalable vector files. The process usually takes 6 to 24 hours to complete a job for $25. Complex project may last 1 to 3 days depending on the required work to be done at a usual amount of $25 to $30 dollars.  Additional fee is needed for rush raster to vector conversion service that will take for one to two hours.


 If you need high quality raster files, your artwork needs to be traced by hand. Never autotraced your image to ensure that quality will never be sacrificed. The main advantage of raster to vector conversions is the absolute high quality of image when it needs to be reproduced at any size. The concept behind the raster to vector conversion is so simple.  You will just take a raster image and turn it into vector image. At present, there are numerous applications that have the ability to convert images from raster-based to vector-based files.


What is a vector conversion?


Vector conversion is a process which involves the use of computer applications for image repair service.  Vectorization can be done manually or using an automated tracing tool. A raster to vector conversion service is specialize in the conversion of raster-based files into vector format. These vector files are then suitable for printers, color separation, engraving, art for vinly signs, web use, lotters, and more. The main idea is to turn a poor image into a clean image without affecting the quality.


Generally, a raster to vector conversion service is composed of three parts.


ü  Get quote

ü  Get proof

ü  Get vector


What type of images can be vectorized?


Any image can be vectorized including Jpg, pdf, gif, png, psd, tif, pub, doc, bmp, and more. Drawings, sketches, and photographs can be turned in a beautiful vector image.



Why convert your images into vector?


ü  Vector images are scalable.


Raster images are made of pixels and when you scale up, you automatically sacrifice the quality. The image looks pixelated when increased in size. However, vector graphics are not created through pixels. They are made of objects based from mathematical calculations so that quality is never sacrificed.


ü  Vector graphics reduce the printing cost.


Once you lessen the number of colors plates, you automatically reduce the cost for printing the images.


ü  Vector files are required by most companies.


Most companies prefer vector files for their processes such as vinyl cutting for signs and engraving.

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