Laser Marking Services

Laser Marking Services

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We offer full-service Laser Cutting, Laser Marking and Engraving ServicesModern Fiber-Laser Engraving and Co2 Laser Engraving and Cutting.

Facility in Brooklyn, NY

Our CO2 lasers are used for materials like cardboard, plastic, acrylic, paper, leather, wood, glass cork, and other organic materials. These are way less concrete materials than the ones that fiber lasers handle, this is because the wavelength of the CO2 laser stands in the 10600nm region, and will mark the mentioned materials perfectly.

Our Fiber lasers mark a wide variety of tougher materials including titanium, aluminum, steel/stainless, ceramics and some plastics. The wavelength of the fiber lasers sits in the region of 1070nm, and will mark any of the mentioned materials perfectly without damaging them.

co2 laser and fiber laser engraving