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Vectorization (vector services) is a process of transforming raster (pixel images) to vector drawings. A raster image is formed from pixels, like the picture obtained from a scanner, or the screen image on a computer monitor. It has a finite amount of detail which is dependent upon the image size and resolution. The closer magnification of a raster image the courser it appears.

Our talented artists only use manual tracing to vectorize graphics this enables us to provide the highest quality vector conversion making efficient use of points and vector structure eliminating unnessesary objects, layers and artifacts produced by tracing software.

NY Logoworks Professional Graphic Services raster to vector, jpg to vector, call now 347-748-3672

Once converted to vector graphic your artwork can be scaled up and it will still remain sharp! Vector based data requires a minimum storage space as compared to raster formats. Converting any kind of data, be it an image, logo or graphics, from image to vector conversion requires highly skilled labor.

We can convert any Logo, Stencil, Map, Illustration, Artwork, Sign, Badge, Decal, Patch, Photograph, Scan, etc. to hand drawn vector image.

Sketch to Vector

NY Logoworks Professional Graphic Services raster to vector, jpg to vector, call now 347-748-3672

Send us your hand drawn sketch or Draft and we can convert it to most optimized format of vector art we can save your art in any format (.EPS, .PDF, .AI, .CDR, .PS, DXF) or any other Format.


Complex Vectorization and Vector layering

We also offer this unique process mainly used for laser marking to achieve high detail and variable depth engravings. we have used this process on metal antique restoration, antique auto parts restoration, hand engraving simulation etc.

NY Logoworks Professional Graphic Services raster to vector, jpg to vector, call now 347-748-3672

NYLogoworks is a graphic design services company in New York. We offer a full range graphic design services from conceptualization to creation. Our staff utilizes the latest technology available for graphic design which enables us to provide you the best, up-to-date graphics possible. We are able to offer you the lowest cost possible on graphics design because not only do we know what we’re doing, we know how to do it quickly and efficiently. Our turn-around-around time is one of the lowest in the industry, and our designs are used to teach others in graphics design classes.

We offer the following services:
• Raster to vector conversion
• Image to vector graphics (vectorization)
• Image to vector conversion
jpg to vector conversion
• Raster to vector graphics
• Image clipping path
• Digital image processing
• Image editing
• Vectorize Image
• Image background removal
• Image cleaning and image enhancement

We also offer photo editing, photo manipulation, photo restoration, photo retouching, graphics editing and color correction of photos. What our Clients say about us: “We’re very satisfied with the service provided by NYLogoworks. They have saved us an incredible amount of time by editing our pictures for background cleaning. They’ve done a great job for us, professional and on time. We’ll be using them again. Definitely worth the money spent”. – John Tanner, Bayside Auto Dealers

Image to Vector Conversion Services Our high quality raster to vector conversions are all hand drawn as opposed to using automated software. We have found that hand drawing vector images is the only way to provide superior image quality. The techniques we use create small file sizes that are ready for print production and website design and can be scaled to any size without loss of quality to the image.

Our graphics artists will recreate your designs by creating vector images out of those designs no matter how damaged the source graphic is. We also convert raster and bitmap images into hand drawn vector graphics that remain sharp and increase the life expectancy of the data associated with the image.

Vector drawing is an ideal solution for company logs or other graphics that have to be resized frequently for different printing requirements and web page layouts.

We can convert any logo from raster/bitmap image to a vector image by completely redrawing the image using the smallest amount of points to create a smaller file size. These smaller files sizes allow web pages to load faster into the browser window.

We also convert the following into hand drawn vector images:
• Artwork
• Stencils
• Decal designs
• Badges
• Caricatures and Cartoons
• Maps
• Illustration
• Signs
• Crests
• Patches
• Photographs

Converting any image or photo into a high quality vector image requires someone that is highly skilled in the conversion process. Our staff is creative and knowledgeable in every aspect of vector graphics design. Vectorization, Vector services, Raster to Vector Conversion Services. We enjoy our work and pride ourselves in delivering the highest quality at the lowest possible prices. We will help you achieve the vision that you have for your business by creating the exact image that you have in mind for your company’s web pages and print productions.