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Artwork Vectorization Services and Laser Marking/Engraving Services

With Over 10 years of experience in the Graphics/Advertising Industry, we provide the best quality and turnaround time on any job.

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Our cutting-edge technical and visual design expertise gives us great flexibility in planning and developing your project. Our designing Convert Jpg to Vector expertise is always up-to-date with the latest standards.

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We like to take care of clients. All projects are organized for optimal efficiency to meet project scope and scheduling expectations. We set milestones, coordinate project flow, and deliver regular status updates for the best possible project results. Timely delivery is our goal.

Our mission is to provide our clients with the innovative, cost and time effective solutions and high quality products for your design project needs. We strive to accurately represent your values, mission, character and all your other project goals to your target audience, making them relevant to your market and field. We offer affordable and user friendly custom designed websites and stunning printed graphics which help you grow your audience and business.



Graphic Vectorization also known as Vectorization, Vector services, Raster to Vector Conversion Services Raster to Vector Conversion is a process of transforming raster (pixel images) to vector drawings. A raster image is formed from pixels, like the picture obtained from a scanner, or the screen image on a computer monitor. It has a finite amount of detail which is dependent upon the image size and resolution. The closer magnification of a raster image the courser it appears.

Our talented artists only use manual tracing to Vectorize graphics this enables us to provide the highest quality vector conversion making efficient use of points and vector structure eliminating unnessesary objects, layers and artifacts produced by tracing software.

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Once converted to vector graphic your artwork can be scaled up and it will still remain sharp! Vector based data requires a minimum storage space as compared to raster formats. Converting any kind of data, be it an image, logo or graphics, from image to vector conversion requires highly skilled labor.

We can Convert Jpg to Vector any Logo jpg to vector format., Stencil, Map, Illustration, Artwork, Sign, Badge, Decal, Patch, Photograph, Scan, etc. to hand drawn vector image.


Digital Illustration provides the ability to convey feelings, attitudes and an atmosphere using computer generated digital images. Our talented illustrators work closely with our clients from concept to completion of every project to ensure complete satisfaction. Allowing us to deliver the best possible product effectively and efficiently.

We can help you with all your graphics, design and creative needs. We create illustrations for any industry. Medical, architectural, portrait, technical, Fantasy illustration. we also have experience with child book illustration, Nature & Animal illustration. Our team has great creativity as a comic strip creator, illustrator artwork & cartoonist. 2D and 3D Modeling, vectorize image


How to Make Vector Art Graphics

Before I get into how to make vector art graphics I want to talk about bitmap images and vector graphics. Don’t worry, I’m not going to go into bitmap to vector or sketch to vector I’m just going to talk about creating vector images. I feel it’s necessary to mention bitmaps and vector graphics first because those are the two widely used graphics online today and there is a big difference between the two. That difference sometimes confuses people which is why I decided to write this article.

Vector art graphics explained

Vector graphics are scalable, you can make them as big as you need to for your project and the quality of the image will not change. The graphic will maintain the color quality whether it’s small or large. A vector graphic doesn’t use pixels to store information about the picture; it uses mathematical information to store into the system what a graphic should look like. The information that the software program uses to maintain the quality of vector art images are coordinates and formulas. I know it sounds complicated but once you learn how to create these graphics you’ll be able to zip right through the procedures. For now, we’ll stick to the main point, which is that vector art graphics are scalable.

Bitmaps art graphics explained

Bitmaps are the kinds of images that use pixels to store information on what the graphic should look like. A pixel is a granular square on the screen that stores information about the picture. Thousands of these small squares together are what make the bitmap image. The problem with bitmap images is that the tiny squares cannot adjust when the image is enlarged so the result is a graphic that loses its quality when it is enlarged. Please see the images below. As you can see the bitmap image loses its quality when it is enlarged and cannot be used on graphics projects. The lines become blurry because the pixels tend to bleed when they’re enlarged.

Vector art graphics software applications

In order to make vector art images you will need one of the following applications: • Adobe professional Illustrator • Macromedia Freehand • Coral Draw • Inkscape a free open-source alternative • Xara X • ACD Canvas There are more applications available but I limited the list to the applications that I am familiar with and that my friends use on a daily basis. Most of the applications operate the same way, much like word processors so if you learn one you can easily adapt those skills to other applications.


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