Are you wondering how will you turn your sketch into a beautiful vector? Make use of useful vector tools like Pixelmator, Adobe Illustrator, and Photoshop where you can easily convert your sketch into a sharp vector graphic in your own computer.

The lines usually have fuzzy and light edges. You can use the Pixelmator or Photoshop to darken the edges and lines.

Vectoring a scanned sketch is best for comics, logo design, and other artworks.

    Automatic vectoring is more preferable than manual vectoring which requires less work to do. A scan to vector illustration tutorial will tell you the whole process from sketching, cleaning, and scanning to vectoring.

Follow these simple steps and turn out your piece into something cool art of work.

Needed tools for the scan to vector illustration tutorial:

  • Paper
  • Pencil
  • Computer unit
  • Adobe illustrator


Converting a Sketch to a Sharp Vector Graphic

Step 1. Sketch something

Sketch your subject matter and clean up every line for inking. Sketches are sometimes messy, it is better to transfer your drawing into a clean sheet.

Step 2. Ink your sketch

Ink your sketch and clean the pencil lines.

Step  3. Scan the inked drawing               

Put your drawing into the computer through a scanner machine. After scanning your inked drawing, store it in the desktop so you can find it easily. Create a new canvas at 300dpi for your drawing and drag the scanned artwork into the canvass.  If you want to print the image, it will be sharp. 

Step 4. Vectoring your scanned drawing using Adobe Illustrator

Set up your illustrator file and drag the scan copy into the illustrator work area. Click the "Live Trace" button and select from menu option the "Comic Art". It will take a few seconds to finish the vectoring process. You can adjust the lines thickness and the detailed level using the "Min Area" and "Threshold" settings. If you want to eliminate the background from the vector, you press the "Expand" button.

Step  5. Save your vector illustration

Now that you have a vectored sketch version, you have the option to import the illustration into the Photoshop.


Step  6. Importing the drawing into Photoshop

Once the Photoshop is opened, choose the vector image in the illustrator and put it in your clipboard. Create a new file and feel free to adjust the canvas to your preferred size. Then, paste your vector image into a new Photoshop canvas and adjust the dimensions. Once you are done with the changes, you can click the check mark on the left portion of the workspace in the upper area of the window. You have now your resized sketch with clean lines, sharp lines, and ready to be colored and posted in the web.


Additional Tips in Coloring Your Illustration Using Adobe Illustrator

  • Choose 2 to 4 color themes that you think will work well to your drawing.
  • Use the Pathfinder tool in subtracting and consolidating all your line art into a single path.