Once you've had a taste of vector art, your logos will never be the same. Converting your pixel images to vector graphics will make them clearer, more useful, and more space-efficient, without any loss of content.

 comparing pixel images to vector art files

The process of converting a pixel image to a vector is known as graphic vectorization or raster to vector conversion. A raster image, which is a conventional computer image taken from a scanner or a screen image, has a finite amount of detail, meaning that if you resize the image to larger than a certain size, it will become blurry.


However, vectorization services manually trace pixelated designs and convert them into vector images. Vector images implement points and vector structure, meaning that the image is stored as a set of instructions – certain lines and points in certain places – rather than as a defined set of pixels. The vector image is smaller, more space-efficient, and much easier to replicate on a larger or smaller scale.


Because inputting vector data is difficult, graphic vectorization is a high-skill service. However, in the right hands your graphic can go from blurry and pixelated to clean and sharp, with a few quick changes from the NY Logo Works team. This can be useful if you are attempting to make large posters or other apparel, print branding materials, or create graphics for a website or publication. The ability to easily change the size of an image without sacrificing quality is invaluable.


The NYLogoWorks team has experience with a variety of image types, meaning that they are skilled in replicating even the most complex of images in vector form. Because vectorization requires the artist to interpret the existing image into lines and shapes, it can be difficult to do on your own if you lack experience. It requires a developed eye to recognize the most efficient way to input complicated images into vector format.

 professional manual tracing to vector sketch to vector

NYLogoWorks has experience with illustrations, architectural, technical and medical diagrams, fantasy art, both 2D and 3D comic strips, and of course company logos.


In addition to being experts in the field of sharpening and rasterizing images, NY Logo Works is also a streamlined operation. The multitude of expertise present in the company allows a great deal of flexibility on planning, development and scheduling.


The NYLogoWorks team works with clients to fine-tune their product to whatever plans the client has for the image. NY Logo Works is also experienced in creating connections with the target market of the brand, allowing a client to receive graphical support while also expanding their market connections. NY Logo Works is an efficient, innovative graphic services company that will enable the graphical success of every client.